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Green Cities. Clean Air. Pure Water.

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Blooms Green Solutions offers an alternative to our clients; a greener environment. 

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About Us

Blooms Green Solutions

At Blooms Green Solutions we believe living greenery is the key to solve many of globe critical challenges, like Urban Heat Island Effect, Air Pollution, Loss Of Biodiversity, Stormwater Challenges, and the overall Health and Wellness Situation.


Traditional urban growth and consumer habits lead to some irreversible damages for this planet, this cannot be ignored anymore. This is where Blooms comes in and this is why we are doing what we do.


We have just joined the global greening forces with a focus on the Middle East. Blooms Green Solutions offers a wide range of innovative solutions and systems that can be used for several urban greening applications.


Blooms offers Green Roofs and Green Wall design, supply, installation, maintenance, and training services in the Middle East.

Our Services

Our innovative team is working hard towards integrating nature into urban life. Every step towards a greener city counts, no matter how small it is!

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Landscape Designers


Our team of landscape designers, horticulturists, and technical experts works with clients and design professionals to realize their visions, guiding Blooms projects from a mere concept to completion.


At Blooms we assist clients at all stages of the design process. Blooms team of professionals works in tandem with architects, engineers, general contractors, and building envelope experts throughout the design phase.


From project feasibility consultation to site analysis and schematic design, early involvement in each project helps minimize costs and ensures that each green roof or green wall layout fits the client’s objectives.

Quality & Compatibility


Blooms products are selected carefully to ensure quality and compatibility with MENA climate and buildings' technical specifications.


We partner with the best global manufacturers and make sure our selected products are very well customized to fit each building we handle.


Blooms Green Solutions supplies high-quality green roofs, green walls, gardening products, and living plants.

High Quality


Blooms' installation team is hired wisely and offered high-quality pieces of training to ensure we can professionally manifest our high-quality designs with minimal costs and minimal time.


Our operations team can handle any green roof and green wall installation project according to plans without any limitations.


Our installation team includes mechanical engineers, civil engineers, drainage engineers, architects, landscapers, and gardeners.

Maintenance Plans


Our solutions' main component is living plants. Hence, continuous maintenance is mandatory, especially in our challenging climate in the Middle East.


After installation, our maintenance team will visit your project and provide all the necessary support and maintenance upon the installation of any of our solutions in your building.


Our maintenance activities will be according to a maintenance plan prepared specially for your project. Our maintenance agreements will be signed and renewed annually.

Our Partners

We have access to 30 years of experience through our partners


UK Office

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ,

United Kingdom 

 +44   20 3287 0771


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