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5 Ways in which a Green Wall will Improve your Office Interior Design

Updated: Jul 23

Green walls will turn any space into something natural and beautiful. We live in a part of the world where the desert is a common landscape and where the number of green areas is low. There are many health benefits to having one in an office, like improving air quality, reducing stress levels and enhancing people’s performance.

5 Ways in which a green wall will improve your office interior design

Today we will tackle the visual benefits of installing a green wall in your office building.

1. Green walls looks amazing

Green walls add color and life to any space. They vary in size and design so you can choose one for different types of room: open space offices, lobbies, meeting rooms, conference rooms, reception areas or hallways.

A well-designed green wall will drastically improve appearance, and they never go out of style. Color and texture can change over time, as the plants evolve and grow, your green wall will be constantly developing and will vary in color, like living art.

2. Green walls are original

How many offices have you seen that have a green wall installed? How many of your competitors or your partners have them? They can be a great way to show originality and care towards your employees and partners.

We are all riding the green wave, and your business could be one of the firsts in your area that shows originality in design. If that does not convince you, think of the marketing opportunities you and your employees can create around such an eventful installation.

3. Green walls make a powerful visual statement to potential clients

Sometimes the first impression is critical and radically important, especially when we are talking about customer service. The first impression of your office space will say a lot about how you treat your employees, how you value your customers and how you respect yourself as a business.

A potential client that is impressed in the first meeting will have more chances of coming back than one that wasn’t as impressed.

4. Green walls increase property value

The installation of a green wall will show your dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. This will in turn help increase your property’s value by giving a positive perception of a modern building with an improved carbon footprint.

Many countries have tax exemptions and/or reduce taxes for business or homeowners that are adopting a more environmentally friendly type of building, like the ones built from wood, or the ones that have solar panels, and basically any building that is reducing costs this way.

5. Green walls reduce the cost of energy

Green walls, interior and exterior, help to actively cool the air during summertime by a process called evapotranspiration. The plants absorb the heat and use it by releasing water into the air. This process reduces the need to cool the building.

The advantages don’t end with summer. Green walls insulate the building and reduce energy costs for heating the building in the winter as well.

Keep close, in future articles we will explore many other advantages green walls will bring into any space.

Let’s help our cities breath!



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