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Beautiful Moss Wall Panels Ideas for your Home

This year we have been spending a lot more time at home. One way to uplift the atmosphere in your house is to install a beautiful moss wall. Greenery in closed spaces has a lot of health benefits and mental health as well. You and your family will enjoy daily the advantages of such an installation.

We have prepared for you some ideas on how or where you can fully enjoy moss wall panels in your home:

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Moss Wall Panels for your Kitchen

Bring some greenery into your kitchen

with a living art panel. It brightens up the space, increases the oxygen levels in the space and looks amazing. Due to the fact that moss wall panels are natural plants that have been preserved, they do not need direct sunlight or watering, so you can place them on any wall in the room. In addition, the kitchen being a space where all the family spends time, it is a good thing that moss wall panels do not produce spores or pollen, which makes them great for people with outdoor specific allergies.

Moss Wall Panels for your Bathroom

Imagine sitting in your bathtub surrounded by a feeling of nature and clean air. You can have this feeling by simply installing moss wall panels. They are the perfect addition to your bathroom because they absorb all the water from the steam, which helps them thrive and keeps your bathroom walls dry.

Moss Wall Panels for your Pool

Considering the fact that moss walls thrive in 40% humidity levels, your indoor pool will be a great space for an impressive living art panel. Moss wall panels are will bring life and the great feeling of being outdoors, which will make your pool experience even better.

Moss Wall Panels are a work of Botanical Art

If you are looking for an exquisite piece of art that will make your living room unique, the perfect choice is one of our moss wall panels. The maintenance aspect is very simple considering the fact that they do not need watering. The only thing that is necessary to keep them in perfect condition is the right amount of humidity in the air. You can keep the humidity levels correct with a humidifier. The right amount of humidity in the ambience that is healthy for humans, 40%, is the right amount of humidity necessary for moss wall panels.

Moss Wall Panels Custom made Sign

Moss wall panels can be used to create custom made signs or wall signage.

This idea will definitely make your home stand out and you can create an original design.

It is also a great gift idea for your loved ones.

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Moss Wall Panels in Combined Textures

Are you looking for original interior design ideas? Look no further. Moss wall panels look amazing in combination with different textures like stone or wood. Look at this beautiful combination of moss wall and wood panels. It simply bring life into the space and it is undoubtedly eye-catching.

Our team of professionals at Blooms Green Solutions is here for any inquires you might have regarding moss wall panels and how you can introduce them into your home. Visit our shop, choose your favorite and transform your home into a dreamland.



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