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Indoor Green Walls for Company Social Responsibility

Updated: Jul 21

Your brand’s image goes beyond the products you sell, it is also evident in the actions you take to improve your community and how active you are regarding today’s economic and social problems. A CSR strategy will put you on the map as a company that cares, is committed, and takes action.

Indoor green walls are a great opportunity to start implementing such a strategy, and the benefits from this type of installation will be noticed inside your company as well. They can be used for different purposes in a set of different environments, from creating a natural atmosphere to foster innovative ideas. In addition, we create the design taking into consideration the conditions of space and maintenance possibilities.

Let’s take a closer look!

Indoor Green Walls purify the Air

Indoor green walls work as natural air-filters that create a cleaner and healthier work environment, ultimately improving the air quality in the building and contributing to your employees’ health. Studies done on this topic show that green walls filter the particulate matter in the air. Due to the leaves, roots stems of the plants, and the microorganisms that live in the roots and the soil, 1 m2 of the living wall can extract 2.3 kg of CO2 per annum from the air and produce 1.7 kg of oxygen. They convert carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Indoor Green Walls increase General Well-being

The color of plants and clean air offers relaxation and a stress-free environment. Also, due to the clean air, your employees will complain less about respiratory issues, headaches, irritated eyes, or a sore throat. Taking into consideration the importance of well-being on productivity and good results, offering such an environment will benefit the company immensely.

Indoor Green Walls increase Innovation and Productivity

The health benefits of indoor green walls will have a positive effect on the decision making process and the level of innovation. Relaxed employees work better, think more freely and take more initiative due to the pleasant environment. Create a space where they like to work and feel good, and that will lead to more employees that are loyal. Companies that installed green walls noticed an increase in productivity of approximately 15%.

Indoor Green Walls Reduce Noise Levels

Green walls act as noise barriers. The levels differ depending on the plant species and they can absorb up to 8dB. This can be noticed simply in big cities with a lot of traffic, the areas that have bigger vegetation levels have lower noise levels and less pollution.

Indoor Green Walls regulate Temperature and reduce Energy Costs

Green walls have a cooling effect on the space and are better at absorbing heat than the standard building materials like cement, wood, metals, etc. Overall, this reduces the need for air conditioning which translates into energy-saving and lower costs for your company.

Indoor Green Walls improve Brand Reputation

All the benefits that we highlighted in this article contribute to an increase in the building’s value. This value can be seen also financially and as your reputation. Indoor green walls will be seen as a showcase of your concern with environmental issues. Your brand’s reputation will be positively influenced by reports with stakeholders, partners, clients, employees, job candidates, and the media.

If you are looking for more information on indoor green walls and what installing one would entail, please feel free to contact us. Our team of professionals is here to answer your questions and guide you so you can make the best decision for your company!



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