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Smart Exterior Green Wall Design for your Business and Community

Updated: Oct 4

Your business is a valuable asset to the community. Own the responsibility and transform it into a business advantage. A smart exterior green wall design will show your employees and the community that welcomed you that your business practices CSR and takes care of people. Your brand image will benefit greatly from the extra mile you are willing to go.

There are 2 types of green walls: conventional and smart. A smart exterior green wall will look similar to the conventional one, but will serve more purposes and have more benefits due to the incorporated technology. Its features can be automated and monitored, enhancing the effects. In addition to the visual and biophilic benefits, smart green walls can feature natural air purification and humidification due to the combination of enhanced air circulation, specialized growth medium and technology.

In order to stay healthy and serve its purpose, a smart exterior green wall needs maintenance and periodical replacements to compensate for plant loss. In addition, water is vital for the survival of the plants, so there will be an integrated irrigation system to make it easier to care for them.

A smart exterior green wall design will benefit your business and better your community involvement with the following aspects:

1. It will show a greater community involvement beneficial to nearby residents and care towards employees.

2. It will promote a healthy outlook towards the way we perceive the environment and how businesses can help promote a more sustainable way of life.

3. Your brand identity will develop and grow into one that shows your clients and employees that you are here for the people, not only for the financial advantages.

4. You will be seen as an innovative business and set a new standard in the field.

5. The building’s carbon footprint will have a lower impact with lower usage levels of air conditioning and heating due to the isolation and air cooling effects that green walls have.

We want to show you some great examples of smart exterior green wall designs to inspire and motivate you:

Regarding design and size, our recommendation is to consult a team of professionals. Our team at Blooms will offer assistance through all stages of the design and installation. We have a team composed of landscape designers, technical experts, interior design consultants and architects to help you fulfill your goals.

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