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Why a Natural Moss Wall is the Best Buy

The Blooms team is working hard towards integrating nature into urban life. We have studied the physical and mental health benefits of introducing greenery into indoor spaces and they are truly amazing. You can read more about them on our “Green walls are perfect for your home” article.

A natural moss wall has almost the same amazing health benefits as a green wall. The only downside is that they are not as effective at cleaning air particles and VOC. Even so, they are more affordable, versatile and easy to maintain than green walls. Since they are fairly new, we have received a lot of questions about them. We will answer all of them in this article.

Q: Are they really natural?

A: Yes, our moss walls are 100% natural. The moss used comes from forests in Northern and Eastern Europe, where it is grown on reserves to undermine overexploitation. The process is completely harmless to nature because it naturally grows back again.

Q: Is the moss treated?

A: Yes. After harvesting, the moss for each natural moss wall is cleaned and treated with an environmentally friendly liquid. As a result, the moss continues to look lovely and retain its natural colors for many years to come.

Q: Do they need maintenance?

A: The level of maintenance a natural moss wall needs is very minimal. There is no need for irrigation or to spray the moss, you risk destroying the treatment that was applied. The only thing you need to make sure is the humidity level in the room to be around 40%. The great thing about this is that this humidity level is the right and healthy one for humans also. They also do not need direct sunlight, it might affect the color and texture of the moss.

Q: Is a natural moss wall less expensive than a green wall?

A: There are many factors to take into consideration, but overall a natural moss wall is less expensive. The production and design costs are lower, and also it is easier to do maintenance on it. You only need to make sure the humidity levels are correct and not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Q: Can I put the natural moss wall anywhere in the house?

A: You can put the natural moss wall almost anywhere in the house as long as you follow the 2 maintenance instructions above. You cannot put the moss wall:

· In direct sunlight – it will be scorched and loose its natural colors

· In a very dry area

· Near a heating or air condition vent

· Where it could get wet (near a fountain or running water).

Q: Is the natural moss wall too heavy for some type of walls?

A: It is not. They are surprisingly lightweight, almost as a painting. And since it doesn’t need irrigation like green walls, you don’t need to do any modifications to your wall.

Q: What are the benefits of buying one for my home or business?

A: The biggest advantage a natural moss wall possesses is the fact that it is exceptionally effective at reducing noise. A quieter work place allows for better levels of focus and productivity. A quieter home allows for a stress free environment and a deeper sleep. In addition, they look amazing. You can play with your interior design and combine a natural moss wall with different textures (stone, wood) and colors for a more original outcome.

Check out our shop to see our range of moss walls and choose your favorite. The ordering process is very easy and straightforward, and pretty soon you will be able to transform your favorite space into an oasis of calm and tranquility by bringing nature into your urban life.



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